12th October, 18:00 


“Humanism and Capitalism. A posthumanist perspective on monsters” – in this topic, Vasil Mihalak from Romania will lead us tonight. He is the co-founder of Post/h/um magazine. for Posthumanist Studies, as well as its editor. He is the coordinator of various collections of critical theory and the author of articles mainly on posthumanism and the avant-garde. The author of this study has his own plan for how to approach the subject: “For brevity and for methodological reasons, we will divide the monsters of capitalist humanism into five strands formed between the 17th and 19th centuries, within which, of course, there were criticisms, attempts at reform and even uprisings: patriarchy (the subjugation of women), colonial racism (and the myth of progress), the working class or workforce, animal exploitation, and adultism (the naturalization of childhood innocence). Arising as a result of the development of the ideology of humanism and its economic aspect – capitalism, they will be criticized from many directions, which will eventually lead to the emergence of modern critical posthumanism.” The audience can support or challenge this approach to the topic at Canetti House tonight. The meeting with the author starts at 18:00.